We offer advertising in the SFContario program guide, a publication given to all members at the convention.

Pages are 5.5″ wide by 8.5″ tall.

Advertising file format: PNG, JPG, PDF, or GIF are preferred. ODG, ODT, DOC, and RTF will often be acceptable.

Submission and payment deadline: October 28, 2016.

Rates and layout sizes

Layout Dimensions

width x height
Fan Pro
Full page 4.5″x7.5″ $20 $60
Half page 2.1″x7.5″ or
$13 $40
Quarter page 2.1″x3.5″ or
$9 $26
Back cover

4.5″x7.5″ $160
Inside cover 4.5″x7.5″ $50 $100

A 25% discount on these prices (rounding up to the nearest dollar) is offered for payment completed by September 30!


Fan: Non-profit fan-related group or indivual, e.g. convention, convention bid, club. Individuals who wish to submit “best wishes” ads are welcome to submit with the fan rate.

Pro: All other advertisers, specifically including publishers, authors, artists, any individual or business selling products, content, and/or services.


Queries and advertising copy may be sent to