Saturday, 6:00 PM — Kari Maaren

Saturday, 7:00 PM — Peggi Warner-Lalonde

Kari Maaren is a wandering English professor who has turned grumpiness into an art form. She has a completed webcomic, West of Bathurst, and an active one, It Never Rains. She writes and performs geeky ukulele music about Batman, genre literature, and various types of monsters, and in 2013, she won a Prix Aurora Award for doing so. She has three CDs, Beowulf Pulled My Arm Off and Everybody Hates Elves and (with the band Copy Red Leader) Pirate Elves in Space; she also maintains a ridiculously active YouTube channel. Otherwise, she spends her time marking papers about irony and playing bad-tempered music on the accordion.

Peggi Warner-Lalonde discovered filk many years ago, and has never looked back. After many years of singing along with, and then performing, other writers’ songs, she finally got around to writing some of her own (thank you, FAWM!). Her songs range from very serious to very silly, and she especially loves sing-a-longs – so please come along and add your voice to the mix!