Con Suite

SFContario is planning another amazing hospitality suite this year! Our con suite will be a place of rest and refreshment throughout the weekend. Some of the best conversations are the unstructured chats that arise here from interesting people between panels or hanging out in the evening. We’ll have oatmeal and coffee in the morning, snacks through the day, and interesting things in the evening. We’ll have some games in a side room as well. Drop by for a while! Here are some of the treats we’ll have to share.

Coffee, tea, cocoa, sodas at all times.


opening 6 PM
David C’s Tagine
Catherine’s Moroccan vegan stew


morning, starting around 9 AM
Oatmeal and toppings
Boiled eggs
David Warren bagels and shmear?

Yankee BBQ
Diane’s pulled pork
Veg trays and cheese
Fruit trays
Hummus and flatbreads
roasted red peppers and squash soup
spicy lentil and carrot soup


open 9 AM
During the day, what we have left of all of the above

Closing to give our volunteers a short break from 4 PM to 7 PM, then the return of the dead dog party in the evening to socialize and digest the experience of the weekend. This is the best part of the con for some attendees. We usually get some unexpected donations for the dead dog party. And of course our fan guest, Gunnar Wentz, will have many kinds of interesting chocolate to sample.