Gunnar Wentz

A Completely Unbiased Biography of Gunnar Wentz

by his wife, AKA wife of Chocolate Man

To understand the true essence, think sweet, rich complexity, with layers of subtlety that don’t surface at first glance or first bite. Or maybe that’s chocolate. Gunnar and chocolate are so linked in the minds of many convention-goers, to think Gunnar is to think chocolate. Life isn’t just a box of chocolates, however. To bring out the full flavour and aroma, here some assorted facts:

  • Twice Gunnar has arrived at a party with a chocolate Easter bunny larger than our son.
  • He attended a Halloween party this year dressed as Chocolate Man, after spending the day at a chocolate-themed event at Toronto Reference Library.
  • Gunnar has held chocolate tastings for the Scandinavian Club, Ad Astra, and (unofficially) at many parties and conventions such as SFContario.
  • He went to Toronto French School on a Math scholarship after ranking top of the Toronto West region in the Junior Math Contest at Waterloo (now known as the Fermat contest).
  • As a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Gunnar has been dancing master, mayor of the Toronto chapter, a sword and shield fighter, and has catered many medieval and Viking-themed functions. Need a twelve-course feast for a hundred people? Gunnar’s your guy. He’s also done parties and a bar mitzvah, but only for friends. Food is for love, not money…
  • The word IKEA, despite friend’s claims, is not Swedish for “Gunnar shops here.”
  • He is an eclectic reader who once (to clear a spare room) donated a small trunkful of fantasy and SF novels to Bakka. (We’ve since bought plenty more).
  • When his mom recommended Lord of the Rings, he read the trilogy three times in a row.
  • Gunnar attended A Gathering of the Fellowship (a Tolkien convention) twice, helping as a volunteer at the second. He owns every book by Tolkien plus related critical works.
  • Gunnar has reread all of Jane Austen’s novels and juvenilia, as well as watching related films and movies. We giggled through Pride and Prejudice and Zombies…
  • Gunnar is a Swedish citizen who speaks Swedish and could fill a Viking longboat with facts about Old Norse culture and history.
  • He is brilliant, adorable, loving, loyal, and not, (fortunately) made of chocolate.

— Maaja