The Science Fiction and Fantasy Society of Upper Canada


SFContario is organized by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Society of Upper Canada. The purposes of the Society, stated in our by-law, are:

The establishment and operation of a cultural society for the purposes of

  • encouraging the creation, appreciation, and understanding of science fiction, fantasy, and speculation in all media, including print, online, visual, theatrical, and all other forms;
  • uniting the residents of Ontario who share interests in science fiction, fantasy, and speculation in all media;
  • holding and supporting conventions, readings, viewings, exhibitions, publications, and other events and activities, as a way of uniting this community and encouraging the creation of these works;
  • organizing educational activities for the benefit of members and non-members in subjects associated with science fiction, fantasy, and world-building, including such fields of study as literature, literacy, science, mathematics, history, mythology and comparative religions, linguistics, economics, political science, and other subjects;
  • promoting and supporting literary and other prizes, awards and distinctions, to recognize and honour the best creative and organizational talents in the regional, national, and global speculative and science fiction communities;

and such other complementary purposes not inconsistent with these objects.

Officers and Directors


Corporate officers of the Society are elected annually at the fall general meeting.

President Alexander von Thorn
Vice-President Diane Lacey
Treasurer Marah Searle-Kovacevic
Secretary Catherine Crockett


Directors of the Society are elected for two-year terms, with one or two directors elected at each of the spring or fall general meetings.

Alexander von Thorn term expires spring 2018
Marah Searle-Kovacevic term expires fall 2018
Diane Lacey term expires spring 2017
Catherine Crockett term expires fall 2017
Debra Yeung term expires fall 2017